Communicating science is a fundamental part of our work, and we have focused on visualizing complex output from scientific models in a 3D-gaming environment. For this, we have connected the Ecopath with Ecosim scientific software to a 3D-gaming engine, Blender, so that we can visualize results in real time, i.e. during the model runs. We show an underwater world with photo-realistic rendering of fish and other marine life, and how their populations changed over time and how they may develop in the future depending on management actions and climate change. OceanViz is an example:

In addition we are developing short animated documentaries to communicate complex scientific issues, there are examples below.

  • Oracle – visualizing global ocean data in a friendly framework. Prepared for AAAS 2012 hosted in Vancouver, Canada. Work was done with digital artist Oscar Baechler.

  Dalai Felinto leads the visualization work in the Global Ocean Modeling group, and you can hear him explain his work here:
  And read about the methodology in his recent book with Mike Pan, Game Development with Blender. [amazon]